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i love free templates...Chris Barnes founded North Carolina Photo Safaris with a simple concept – show folks where to find great photo opportunities, how to create perfect images and educate them for a lifetime. We combine how-to instruction, hands-on assistance, and professional critiques to enhance your photographic skills and enrich your enjoyment of photography. We choose locations that exhilarate your spirit, spark your photography, and wow your viewers with electrifying images. North Carolina Photo Safaris now conducts photo safaris across America and has become a leader in digital photography classes, workshops, and tours in the nation.

North Carolina Photo Safaris provides individually relevant, simple-to-understand photographic education, images, and opportunities for photographers of all skill levels to create meaningful photos in a variety of iconic and adventurous venues. We employ a staff of tech-savvy, cooperative, educated, and energized employees which allows us to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Chris Barnes
With more than 30 years of experience as an award-winning photographer, I bring passion for visual storytelling to each safari. Each adventure I lead is another opportunity to share my love of photography and pass on my expertise to others.

I am a photography instructor and full time photographer (Chris Barnes Photography.com). I’ve been trained by some of the leading photographers in America. My past experience in photojournalism, wedding and portrait photography, and commercial photography gives me a broad set of skills from which to pull from as I guide each safari.

My professional affiliations include the Professional Photographers of America, and National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

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I have been trying to find time to call and say how much I enjoyed the photo weekend. As you know, I have been on dozens of photo weekends and each trip my goal is to concentrate on either learning or improving a certain facet of photography. This weekend I was determined to try and absorb all I could on HDR. When we went to the bridge and you saw I was having trouble with the concept and came over and set up beside me and we went thru it together, it meant everything to me. HDR is not that hard once you have all the parts and showing me the work flow turned the light bub on for me. I got it now. Look at the two HDR's I just sent you from the lake in front of my house. I have read three books on HDR and 15 min with you looking over my shoulder was what put the puzzle together for me. I got my monies worth at the bridge.
Chuck Powell - OBX Workshop Participant
I enjoyed the trip immensely. I learned more about my camera and photography in one weekend with Chris than I have in 3 years owning it. Chris knew all the best locations to photograph waterfalls that were off the beaten path and allowed us all the time we wanted to shoot them. He was extremely knowledgeable of the area, had a great timetable put together and was easy to work with. The group of people he brought made me feel right at home and were eager to share their stories and their expertise as well. Thanks to all for making the trip a memorable one. Iím looking forward to the next excursion!
Don Tarney - North Carolina Falls and Foliage Participant
I want to thank you for a great North Carolina Waterfalls and Foliage safari trip this past weekend.
The weather was perfect. It was truly AWESOME. I think Courthouse Falls should be on everyone's "must do" list.
Harvey - North Carolina Falls and Foliage Participant
Your trip to the Waterfalls of North Carolina was simply breathtaking!
I'm so proud of the images I was able to take and share with my family.
Pam - North Carolina Falls and Foliage Participant
Wow! I had forgotten how much there was to see in Washington DC and you took us to everything!
What an awesome trip - I learned so much!
Steve - Monuments and Memorials Participant
I've had my camera for over two years and I finally learned how to use it today.
Suzanne C.
I thought the class was great! I came in only knowing how to use auto and now feel more confident.
Paula W.
Loads and loads of information. Relaxed , awesome hands on, friendly and easy approach (Felt like there were no dumb questions).
Elisha D.
I enjoyed this class. Now I know what all those buttons are for!
Sandeep A.
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